Color coordinated

Thumbs up! (Photo by REUTERS/Mick Tsikas )

Thumbs up! (Photo by REUTERS/Mick Tsikas )

Today’s Herald Sun Q&A is up – some of the questions eerily like the ones from the Times Online.

Rafa, Does the colour of the tennis court surface affect your game in any way? Do you like some colours better than others?

Not really if they are normal colors of that surface. I wouldn’t like a strange color on clay for example.

Hola Rafa – and congratulations for an outstanding match against Tommy Haas. I think I must have read almost every interview you have given, and I know that you have the utmost respect for all of the players on the circuit. Do you feel more anxious going into a match against a first time opponent rather than against a player whose game you already know very well? Good luck for Week 2 in Melbourne!

Thanks. I think I played really well. Regarding your question it depends on the opponent, the tournament and the round. But yes, you prefer to know the way the other plays. However I always try to impose my game and that doesn’t change if you know the opponent.


Hola Rafa,
Muchas Gracias for writing your very interesting blog from Melbourne and for replying to our questions. Rafa, who do you think is the best Spanish football player ever? Apart from your very talented uncle!
Muchas Gracias y Buena Suerte, Rafa.
Niamh, Ireland

Wow, hat’s a tough question to answer. That I have seen would be tough since we have great players nowadays. For the record maybe Raul since he has done great things and scored the most of a Spanish players. But tough to say when we have so many now like Torres, Villa, Xavi, etc.


Do you have a favourite shot that you love to play?
Amy Lee

My forehand.

Hi Rafa!!! First, congratulation for the wonderful 2008 year and good luck for the Australian Open 2009. I just wanted to ask you what do you think about the WTA allows coaches to give an advice to tennis player during a match ? Do you agree or disagree ?

I agree that the coaches should be able to talk and give instructions to the players during matches but maybe not coming down to the chair. From where they are they should be allowed to talk. That’s why we have them.

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