Herald Sun Q&A

(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

Excerpts from today’s Q&As in the Herald Sun.

Q: , Rafa I like you very much and I`d like to know what is your favourite film?

Rafa’s reply: Hi Iulia
I don’t really have a favourite movie but instead like lots of them. The last one I saw was the Bourne Identity trilogy and I really enjoyed it.


How many hours a day do you train on court when you have a match that day and how many hours when you don’t have a match?
Kaz from Melbourne

Hi, if I am in competition is different since I practise less than when I am off competition like in the pre-season.
If I am at a tournament and I play that day I warm up for 30-45 mintues. Before the tournament I hit twice a day for an hour each and during the weeks of competition I play like for an hour or a bit more depending on how I feel. It varies a lot.


Rafa, did you watch Obama’s inauguration?

I have seen the news and lots of information about it but did not watch it live. I think the election of Obama is the most relevant news of 08.

Hi Rafa,
It’s so good to see you playing again, and I can’t wait to watch you live in Melbourne next week.
I know your football teams are Real Madrid and Mallorca but do you have an English Premier League team?

I like Manchester United a lot. I always play Playstation with them. They are my team for that. I also like Cristiano Ronaldo very much and all their players so I could say that they are my favourite team there although they are really not my team. You know what I mean?