Get a grip

(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

Today’s Times Online Q&A is up.

What grip size do you use? People on TV say it is very small so you get more spin – is this true? Brian Swift

RN They make it specially for me. Not sure what size it is.

What was the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? Maureen, USA

RN I don’t know the English word. IT was around 2 meters long.

Yesterday you blogged about being ready to play at 11am but didn’t play until 1:30pm. How do you fill in the time while waiting? Peter, Melbourne

RN I just stay in the locker room with my uncle and my physio and wait. IF the match goes too long then I also might go to eat something at the player’s restaurant. I don’t really do much since need to be ready to go quickly on court.

How did you feel at the Prince of Asturias award ceremony when Ingrid Betancourt said how listening to your victories at Roland Garros on the radio had helped to sustain her during her captivity in the jungle? Janet

RN It was an unbelievable moment for me. To know that someone in those conditions knew about sports or what I was doing … Very emotional.


Have you ever been defaulted from a match for not being ready on time? Lauren

RN No, never. But close…


I read that you played the golf course on Ile Aux Cerfs when you went to Mauritius recently. I played there every day in November but the course was too hard and I lost about 10 balls on one round! How did you get on? Graham

RN I played well and didn’t lose as many balls… :-)