Post-match presser

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Rafa’s post-match presser is up on the Australian Open site.

Q. Can you play any better than that?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, always you can improve, no? Perfect matches doesn’t exist. But today, especially after a few games, after the first three, four games, I started to play well. In the beginning, I was playing too short little bit. And Tommy has the control of the points on the court. But that change after the beginning of the match.

For that reason, I have the victory, no? I play more inside the court with the forehand. Improving a little bit more with the backhand, too. Very happy to be in fourth round for another year.

Q. How much of a factor do you think it is that he (Gonzalez) had so long on court tonight, whereas you’ve been very quick with the matches you had?

RAFAEL NADAL: Hopefully affect a lot (smiling). But I think that’s not gonna happen, no? He didn’t play with the sun, with the hot. That’s gonna be important factor.

And, well, for sure he going to be a little bit more tired. But he’s very strong, no? He’s very strong player physically. The same time he going to be with more confidence than ever, no, because he beat against big player like Richard, and he had a very good comeback. So that’s very important for the confidence.