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Forehand flasher (Photo by GREG WOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Forehand flasher (Photo by GREG WOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

This time, from the Times Online.

Would you like to see more grass court tournaments around the world? Val

RN: Good question. I think that we don’t play much on grass and that makes Wimbledon difficult and special. We are only 3/4 weeks a year playing on it. I play only Queen’s and then Wimbledon.

I heard that you only get to keep a replica of the Wimbledon trophy. How long did you keep the real trophy for after you won?
Claire, Sussex

RN: Yes, we get a little replica, but also in Roland Garros. The trophy stays with us on court, locker room, and then they bring it to the media press conference and the official gala dinner. Not much time.

How many chin-ups can you do?
Lauren, Canada

RN: Sorry but I don’t know what it is.

I noticed that your father has attended your matches this week. Do you feel more pressure to do well when he is there?
Elise VB

RN: Yes, he’s taken some holidays and came here with us. He is having fun. I have no extra pressure, on the contrary I enjoy his presence.

All of the boys in my class at school laugh at me because my tennis coach is a woman. Do you think boys should always have a male tennis coach?
Ryan in Ireland, aged 9

RN: No, I think the kids must have coaches but who cares if it is man or woman? As long as he or she is good it doesn’t matter the rest.