Herald Sun Q&A

The Jan 22nd edition of the Herald Q&A is up.

I heard you are afraid of dogs and heights, is that true? Agnes Nyeki, Budapest, Hungary
RN: More or less…

Have you ever played tennis on the Nintendo Wii? If so, were you any good? Sarah-Emma
RN: No, never.

Ah, good. I could totally beat him then. (Stop laughing!)

What do you check out when your surfing the net? Facebook, tennis websites, msn?
Dina, Egypt
RN: I look at the newspapers, look for sports, and also spend some time at the messenger. I don’t have facebook.

You seem to love the water/beach a lot. How did you learn to swim?
RN: I learned when I was a little kid. Remember I am from an island. You better know how to swim…