Job opening: secretary

(Photo by GREG WOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

(Photo by GREG WOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Rafa seems to be in a good mood in his post-match presser. Full transcript is here.

Q. One thing you’ve changed is your forehand here. It seems to be a lot flatter. Is that something you’ve really focused on?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, not true. I didn’t know nothing about that (laughter). First new.

Personally, I think that’s a transcription mistake and he meant “First knew” – which still isn’t exactly right, but it makes more sense.

Q. Does anything set Melbourne apart for you, make it seem different to you?

RAFAEL NADAL: Is very good city, no? I think is a calm city, big city, but at the same time calm. Problems with my English, no? Calm? No. I think you understand more than my secretary (laughter).

No, I really enjoy the city. Is clean, very clean city. So that’s good, no? One of the favorite cities for me I think.

I would volunteer for the secretary position, but I think some knowledge of Spanish might be required.

Q. There’s a lot of interest in your new outfits. Some of your fans on the websites don’t seem to like them too much, your clothes. Do you like the change of image?

RAFAEL NADAL: What happened? The fans didn’t like?

Q. Some of them don’t.

RAFAEL NADAL: Sorry (laughter). I don’t know.

No, I am feeling okay. I am feeling well. For sure, when you have a change, some people like, other people don’t like. For sure with the sleeveless, not everybody like the sleeveless. Right now gonna be the same, no?

But, anyway, is a change. But I feel good like this. Important thing in the end is not the clothes; is the ball and racquet and play well.

Can I get an amen?

2 Responses

  1. nereis says:

    I think the transcription was right but Rafa tried to translate literally an expression from spanish that I think english people don’t use.

    In spanish it’s said “Primera noticia (que tengo)” and he translated it as “First new”, when the real meaning was “first thing I know about it.”

    Hope I had explained myself clearly. I really like your web btw, I just discovered it ans you do a goob job. :)

  2. miri says:

    Ah! I was thinking he was essentially saying, “First I knew about it” but didn’t know about the Spanish phrase. Thanks for the info and the nice words about the site.