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The latest Herald Sun Q&A has been posted.

Q: Rafa, are you friends with any Australian players??
M Williams

Rafa”s reply: Yes, I get along well with Lleyton. He has always been very nice with me although he beat me too easily at golf last year.

Hi Rafa. Who is your favourite footballer?
Uday Gajare

I think Lionel Messi is playing the best right now.

Rafa, please be honest.How do you really feel knowing that millions of girls and women find you extremely sexy and even look for men that look like you? People like Safin and Robredo accept they’re sexy, why can’t you?
Cedrine, UK

I don’t think I am like that. I do know I have more followers and fans now than five years ago. I suppose it helps the fact that I am seen a lot on TV.

Rafa, Whats your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Cookies and cream. Too good.