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Today’s Times Online blog is up.

And now that he is better I can say it. My uncle Toni had a problem in his back the other day. He had to stay the whole day in bed and the doctors had to treat him. I felt really bad for him. He made a great effort yesterday to come to the match. He almost couldn’t move since he had a sciatic (hope this is the right word). He is much better now and should be OK tomorrow to be with us on court at the box.

Sciatica’s a bitch – hope Toni continues to improve.

(Photo credit by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

(Photo credit by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

The Q&A is up as well.

The Iker v Rafa charity event looked like good fun. How did it feel to compete amongst so many talented athletes from a variety of sports? Mandeep Purba, Scotland
RN: It was great. We are both very thankful for all those stars that came. We had a great time and let’s hope it will continue since the cause is great and we can save a lot of lives from Malaria.

Are you frightened of spiders? If so, how are you coping with the creepy crawlies Down Under? Eileen, UK
RN: Yes, I hate spiders. Not sure if it is frightened but agggggg. Thank god i have not seeing any here. We are in Melbourne so no creepy creatures here where we are.

And lastly, the Q&A is up. (Google’s attempt at a translation.