Today’s Q&A – or the great tighty-whitey cover-up

Swinging (Photo by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

Swinging (Photo by TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Today’s Q&A from the Herald Sun is up. Take a look. Here are some excerpts.

Rafa, Since you have such a unique game which has given you certain advantages, don’t you think changing your spinning forehand may make you lose his edge? It is well known that the spin gives all players a problem, including Federer.
Husain Sattar

Hi, I don’t think the spinning is something I will need to change. It is a bit more complicated. You have to know how to use all parts of the game and shots and the spinning is one.

When you were seven years old, how many hours a week would you practise. Also as a junior, how old were you when you played in your first tournament and how did you go.
Marcus Stathos, 7.

I know I was practising a lot since I always had a great time playing. I competed in different categories always, starting by local, regional and national championships before taking off to international events. I did well.

Rafa, I saw tennis pro clip where you were playing Playstation with your friends and you and David Ferrer were in your underwear. Did you lose a bet?

We were playing not in underwear. I think it was with shorts but no shirt. I can’t remember if I lost that time. David is a very good player.

And that’s either a total lie or a convenient mis-remember. I mean, does it look like he’s wearing shorts to you?