A god match

In motion (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

In motion (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

New Times Online Rafa blog and Q&As are up – and proof that typos can be fun.

From the blog:

On the other hand I also played a god match and finished pretty fast. Still I got to the hotel by midnight and by the time I finished eating dinner and every thing it has gotten pretty late.

I am very happy with the way I have started this tournament. I really felt great on court and very confident. Already when I hit to warm up at 5.30 I felt well.

I know the beginning of the tournament, the first match is complicated but today it went very well and i think I played some great and powerful tennis. Again, I am happy, but there is a long road still ahead.
Also the court was packed full and that’s a great thing. First round, night and full house in the stadium.
Great feeling.

And now, a few of the questions:

I heard this morning Greg Rusedski saying you were hitting the ball flatter today when warming up. How does hitting the ball flat help you win points on hardcourt? Vanessa, Leytonstone

RN: Well I am trying to improve some parts of my game and sometimes to hit the ball flatter on these courts help get speed.

How do you deal with yourself when losing a match? Nurhayati Hashim, Malaysia.
RN: Sometimes you win and many times you loss so nothing you can do about it. The only thing is analyse what happened and try to win the next one.

Do you normally sleep on your side, stomach or back? Do you snore? Marty, Cincinnati
RN: I don’t think I snore… I sleep on both but I go to bed on my back.