Roddick on new ATP Pres

Okay, not 100% Rafa related, but the new Pres could have a big impact on the tour and, thus, Rafa. Also, given his comments about the last pres not being willing to listen to players, Andy’s comments during his post match presser seem like a change in the right direction.

Q. If you could help Adam Helfant prioritize things when he comes into the job, are there a few things you’d like to see him look at first?

ANDY RODDICK: I actually was lucky enough to have dinner with him the other night. I was pretty impressed. He didn’t come in with kind of this braggadocio attitude of what he’s done, whatever. He kind of came in and he had his notepad and his pen and he asked questions and he wrote down notes. He didn’t come in like a know‑it‑all. He was kind of very concerned about a number of issues. If he didn’t quite understand it, he would ask why we thought that.

It was an impressive meeting, that’s for sure. After the meeting, I was glad that they had chosen him.

Q. Can you say what some of those issues were?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, there’s the normal stuff. There’s the schedule, there’s surface, balls, different things to promote the game, different campaigns, how to make it more relevant on a day‑to‑day basis at home.

I guarantee I’m forgetting five or six things we covered. But, you know, it’s not anything new. I’m sure it’s all been talked about amongst all of you, as well.