New coach – well, for one day

According to this ESPN article, Albert Costa was filling in for Uncle Toni on Monday due to a back problem that Toni is dealing with. Oh, and Rafa’s hitting people in the ass with his serves.

Rafael Nadal, sporting his now familiar collared Nike T-shirt splashed in yellow, unleashes a serve from the deuce side on Court 16 that slams Ivica Ancic, Mario Ancic’s older brother, squarely in the butt. A quick apology, no less than what you’d expect from the Spaniard, ensues. A few minutes later the incident lingers and Nadal lets out a smile accompanied by, “I never hit no one.”

All is forgiven and, still later, Nadal shakes his head in disappointment as he converses with Spanish Davis Cup captain and former Grand Slam champion Albert Costa. He lost a point. Costa is, for Monday anyway, filling in for an ailing Toni Nadal, or Uncle Toni, as he’s commonly known.