Rafa’s blogs and Q&As

Rafa’s first AO blog is up – looks like it’s the same one at the Times and Herald site. Here’s a link to it on the Times Online site.

Serving it up (Photo by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Serving it up (Photo by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)

His first Q&As are up and they are different on the two sites. So:
Times Online Q&A
Herald Sun Q&A

A few excerpts:

How much time did you allow yourself to rest during the short off season – do you have a period where you relax completely. Also do you relax your diet for a period of time? Paul McNamara

RN: This year I had some more time since I had the knee problem at the end of 08. It also depends on the calendar and if you made it to the Masters or the Davis cup final. In my case 2 weeks is what I got this time really off. But if I wouldn’t have played the Davis cup final I would have had no time for rest.

I very much enjoyed seeeing the trophy ceremony when you won the doubles in Doha with Marc Lopez. You both looked so happy and thrilled. Is there any chance the two of you may team up again later in the year? Good luck in Melbourne. Besos – Daisy x

RN: You never know. he is a good friend of mine and I had the chance to play with him there since he was there also for singles. we actually had a great time.

Hi Rafa, I am a teacher, and I was wondering what your favourite subject was at school (other than physical education!), and did you ever get into trouble? Love and hugs, Sammy F

You know what, once I got an insufficient (they tell me it is like a D here) at physical education.

Someone should go and talk to that teacher today, right?

Hi Rafa. On Tuesday (13th) we saw you come down to the lobby at Crown and you looked lost. Were you lost? Do you get annoyed by fans coming up to you like that? And do you mind when fans try to talk to you? Best of luck. Su-May

I sometimes look lost, like last year against Tsonga here … I was probably looking for someone. I don’t mind fans talking to me, why should I?

I have to be very thankful to them and that’s what I always try to do. But you also know that sometimes it is impossible with everyone.