One presser; two interpretations

Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

What does this set of quotes mean to you?

“Tell me a tournament that I don’t have to play,” Nadal said in response to questions about how he could protect himself more to avoid a repeat of the frustrating end to his previous season, when he was forced to miss the Masters Cup in Shanghai and Spain’s Davis Cup final victory over Argentina.

“I don’t play any tournaments outside the obligatory ones,” he said, but adding that he had to include events such as Doha this week and Queen’s Club in London to prepare for grand slams.

“These things [injuries and fatigue] happen if you win a lot of matches and I won a lot of matches last year. You can’t have everything, so I’m expecting the same again in 2009.”

According to the article title at, it means that Rafa is afraid that “his drive to be No 1 may leave him injured”., however, has slightly different versions of the same quotes and gives their article a title of, “Schedule no problem for Nadal.”

“I have started this year well. I’ve had two good matches in Abu Dhabi and hopefully I will try and go as much as possible here so that I am ready for the challenge at the Australian Open.”

“These things [the injuries] can happen. One can’t have everything,” he said.

“I don’t know what more I would need to do. For the first time in my career, I played in all the Masters Series tournaments. I did not do any extra tournaments last year. I played in Chennai and Barcelona and then Rotterdam and Dubai. There were no extra tournaments, just the obligatory ones,” Nadal explained.

“And then came the knee injury at the end of the season. Such things really cannot be helped,” he insisted.

“In 2009, I am thinking of going the same way,” he added.

So, which title is closer to the truth?